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Why Monday?

Monday, isn’t that the day the diet starts, the healthy eating regime begins, gym enrollment happens? But why a Monday when it’s got such a stigma attached to it already, and when we all know that it seldom actually happens? It’s a bit like New Year’s Resolutions, the timing is all wrong, straight after weeks of over indulging, who thought it would be a good idea to go cold turkey (excuse the pun,) and slap bang in the middle of winter too?! No wonder most resolutions have already fallen by the wayside by the middle of January, or Monday afternoon!

If this all sounds far too familiar and you really want to get healthy and start eating properly then I believe making small changes little by little is the way forward and not necessarily starting on a Monday!

It only takes a few days for a new habit to form so give yourself a chance, instead of charging head first into a whole new healthy eating regime or a diet of weighing and counting calories that is doomed for failure. A little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to our health, the trouble is there is so much confusing information out there, do you really know where to start? Maybe I can help you? Lets do things slowly, learning a little as we go.

Sign uo for my FREE 5 Day Healthy Eating Challenge, it could be just what you were looking for. Each day you learn something new that you can implement, in your own time, it is not complicated or expensive, it is easy and healthy so will get you going in the right direction from the off.

Here are some testimonials of previous challengers!

I am delighted to be here, I have been blown away by the info you have shared and learnt loads about why it’s so important to eat healthily. I love today about the rainbow diet and colour. Thanks so much – Marcia Guyot

Kathy, thank you so much for your 5 Day Healthy Eating Challenge. It has really got me more conscious of what I eat and what doesn’t agree with me. It is the beginning of a new journey with food for me. Feeling grateful – Fidelma Greene

I received the link to Kathy’s 5 Day Healthy Eating Challenge – great – I had already decided February was going to be a health focused month. Working with Kathy is great. She is encouraging, non-judgmental and very knowledgeable. You get responses to your questions and further encouragement. I used to never eat breakfast, and I learnt how important it is and with several easy to make suggestions from Kathy, I now regularly eat breakfast and feel much better. Ask Kathy about her 2 ingredient breakfast – it is delicious – Suzanne O’Doherty

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