Weight loss

Do you want to lose weight?

It is so difficult doing my job, not the writing of my blog posts, posting delicious images on Instagram or even creating new recipes, it is trying to convince people that getting healthy and losing weight is not all about iron willpower or deprivation, counting calories or working out what syns you are allowed each day, it is about falling in love with healthy, colourful food, finding wholesome alternatives to your favourite things and most of all it’s about taking it slowly so you can replace those bad habits with good ones gradually. Rome was not built in a day!

The trouble is we all want an easy answer, a get rich quick scheme or perhaps even a miracle or two! And I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that is just not going to happen I’m afraid.

It is all about learning to love the food that loves us, not the food that we think we love. We need to find that balance so we can fuel up on the good stuff and once in a while have something off the naughty list, hopefully getting to the place where the naughty list is not that appealing any more because the food we think we love actually makes us feel like crap.

The foods we eat are meant to give us energy, keep us from getting ill and help us stay young and agile, there is a lot of food out there that is just not fulfilling those purposes so we end up feeling lethargic, depressed, old and overweight. We become discontented and that leads to craving more of those foods that give an instant high instead of something healthy with sustained energy release..

Lets face it we all know what our bad habits are but by swapping them gradually and ticking a few off the list each month, you could be skipping into 2019 a completely different person. Surely it’s worth a try?

Why not start your day this week with warm lemon water instead of tea/coffee or have cinnamon porridge for your breakfast instead of cereal or swap that glass of wine one evening for fizzy water with a twist of lime? (in a wine glass of course!) A handful of nuts and raisins could easily replace that biscuit, a home-made energy snack instead of cake could make all the difference and a couple of pieces of dark chocolate instead of that pudding would work too. (Dark chocolate, minimum 70% cocoa is actually good for you!)

After all it is the small things that end up becoming the big things. And there is certainly no deprivation in losing weight, improving health and increasing our energy levels, is there?

Stay happy and healthy


PS With all this in mind, I am currently running a healthy eating/weight loss programme that I may also run online, shout if you’re interested.