Trick or Treat?

Don’t worry Halloween has not come early, I have just been thinking a lot about treats and what really makes us classify certain foods as ‘treats’ when in theory they are not ‘treating’ us one bit!

I know people say to their kids, ‘Lets go to McDonalds, KFC, Burger King as a treat’ or something similar, but if you really think about it, is filling yours and your kids bodies with sugar, refined carbs or low grade meat with barely a hint of fruit and veg actually a treat, especially as an hour or so after eating it you will all be crashing and burning and ready for another ‘treat’ just to keep you going for the rest of the day?

Lets face it, these foods do not fill us with energy or nutrients, they barely even fill us up at all! I appreciate that every once in a while they will not kill you but I really think ‘treat’ should ne redefined as ‘trick’ because with their clever marketing campaigns we are all led to believe that we need these ‘treats’ in order to be living a happy and fulfilled life, but in reality they give us nothing to feel good about at all.

My own version of a “Happy Meal’ is a colourful plate of food that gives me nutrients and energy, makes me smile and sustains me for longer than an hour before I need another fix.

Do you agree or am I just a bit unusual?! Is it worth a thought next time McDonalds is on the cards?

I do hope so.

Stay healthy and happy!