The Chicken or the Egg?

I recently had the pleasure (I use that word loosely!) of staying in a hotel at the Eureka Leisure Park in Ashford the night before and after our Eurostar trip to Marseille and I can’t quite get the whole experience out of my head. And that is not a good thing!

The hotel was great and we had a brilliant night’s sleep, as was guaranteed! However what bothered me was the Eureka Leisure Park Eateries and this is why I have the whole chicken and egg question rattling around my mind.

So the restaurant list goes like this….. 24 hour Macdonalds (inc drive through,) Burger King (inc drive through*,) KFC (inc drive through,*) Nandos, Pizza Hut, Frankie & Bennys, Beefeater, Subway, Chiquito (Mexican restaurant,) and Cinnamon Spice (Indian restaurant and take away.) I think that is all of them.

(* They may have all been 24 hour restaurants, I didn’t look that closely!)

Is anyone feeling the pain I felt after seeing that list of restaurants, that’s if you can call them restaurants! And what are those restaurants doing to the people of Ashford? I can tell you that very quickly. They are killing them! Sorry that may sound drastic but in that few square meters of this beautiful country I saw more obese adults and children than I have seen anywhere else in the UK. It was scary and bordering on criminal.

So my question is…. Are the restaurants there because that is what the people want or are the people like that because there is no other choice? And I really can’t decide.

Lets face it, there is a huge lack of ‘real’ healthy options in many places we visit, which makes me wonder, if there really were more healthy choices, would I be the only one indulging in them, whilst everyone else eats cake!

I question, if I took fruit skewers to the school cake sale, how many would sell? If I took hummus and crudities to the summer fete would anyone buy them instead of cake? Or if I set up a real healthy snack bar at my local garage, would it thrive?

And the answer is, I really don’t know, but I want to try because where there is no option, how can we ever know. It is easy to say there was nothing healthy available so I had to eat cake, it is the perfect alibi.

But if there was an alternative option, which would you choose? What would your children choose? Or is it better to just not have a choice, that way we can continue to eat the bad stuff and blame the circumstances! The perfect scapegoat!

I will leave that thought with you, would love to hear your comments.

Kathy xx

Your Healthy Self

Educating Eaters, one meal at a time

PS I am not a saint, I love cake but I also love choice!!

PPS If you have a specific health problem or just want to lose weight, email me for a free, ‘no obligation’ 15-minute consultation and lets see where it takes us.