Now we’re talking!

Anyone who read my last blog will know that I was picking on an article in the recent copy of ‘Waitrose Weekend’ suggesting that the new healthy food labeling they are currently introducing on convenience foods was all wrong.

I believe what we should actually be doing is avoiding convenience foods altogether and ensuring we are eating simple whole foods more often and cooking from scratch every day. I understand this is not always possible in our chaotic world but for the sake of our health we need to try as often as possible.

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So the next article I came across in the newspaper was ‘The Secrets of Healthy Eating.’ Now this article is definitely worth a read but beware it goes completely against the grain and although there is a definite truth in there it only works if it is orchestrated properly.

So the radical and brilliant idea is…. drum roll please…… to lose weight you need to eat more! I know this to be true as I have witnessed it first hand and although I am slim myself, as anyone who knows me will know, I eat a hell of a lot, it’s just that the ‘hell of a lot’ I eat is mostly very healthy. (Not always though, I am no saint!)

The secret as I have been trying to tell people for years is it is not about deprivation, calorie counting, even will power, it is just about making your meals and snacks count and avoiding foods with no nutritional value.

Start your day with a hearty porridge or overnight oats pimped with nuts, seeds and fresh fruit rather than cereal. Tuck into a home made soup or hummus and veg sticks for lunch rather than a boring sandwich and include more vegetables into your evening meals by having root veg mash instead of potato or hidden veg Bolognese.

Introduce healthy snacks like celery and peanut butter or a handful of plain nuts and raisins instead of cakes, crisps or biscuits.

Also swap simple carbohydrates like white bread, pasta and rice for complex versions including whole meal and brown that will increase your intake of B vitamins, magnesium and folic acid ten fold.

Start today and tell me how deprived you are feeling?

And a final note…. directly underneath the said article was a snippet that read ‘23% of Brits know what a portion of fruit or veg looks like, according to a recent survey.’

I have to say I was shocked it was so low, I thought this was something at least 90% of Brits would know the answer to, so I’m asking you, do you know? Please reply with your answer on Facebook or to I’m intrigued. And no cheating, just tell me what you think straight up!

If there’s more than 1 in 4 who get it right then I will assume the survey is nonsense! Or at least I would like to think it is! How can anyone eat five a day (or what should be 10 a day!) without even having any idea what 1 is?!

Stay Healthy