New Year, New You?

As the sun sets on day one of 2018, I wonder does it feel like ground hog day to you? A Christmas of over eating followed by promises of huge changes in the New Year, that you know you will probably struggle with?

Whilst I don’t want to appear too depressing or pessimistic, I am generally an eternal optimist, this is something we all do every year almost without fail.

I know we live in a world of instant gratification, fast results and immediate answers but the secret to sticking to resolutions is a softer approach, instead of heading into the new year with an armful of resolutions that turn your life upside down and are not sustainable it is best to take one (or maybe two) items at a time and work with them until they become habit, usually about 4 weeks. Also you need to work on your mindset, introduce daily affirmations and visualizations so you not only have a deep want to change but also a much more positive approach to your end goal.

Mindset is a huge aspect of our health and can totally be mastered to help us even if we are the world’s worst self-sabotager, doubter or scaredy cat. There is a way to shift these emotions if you work on it (more on this to follow shortly.) Keep in mind this phrase, ‘Our thoughts are the only thing standing between us and our dreams and goals.’

Write down reminders that act as daily affirmations, paste them around the house, in your wallet, your car, your biscuit tin and your fridge.

Stop & think twice before you eat this!

Is there a healthier alternative?

How will this food serve me?

Will this food give or take energy from me?

At the beginning and end of everyday (and anytime in between if you can) work on visualizing yourself as your new healthier self, full of energy, the perfect weight and feeling comfortable in your own skin. By seeing yourself as the person you want to be sends a message out into the universe and confirms the direction you are heading.

It really works.

Small steps make for big changes.



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