Mother Earth Needs Us

As you may be aware, it was World Earth Day on Sunday. It is such an important day to recognize, especially at the moment when our planet desperately needs our help, but why it is not a week, a month or even a year I really don’t know. Having said that some companies are taking it upon themselves to extend Earth Day way beyond just one day. which is just what our planet needs, they will hopefully help pave the way for a cleaner greener world.

I subscribe to and avidly follow two forward thinking companies Mind Valley Academy and Mind Body Green, both of which are getting their employees and customers on board to make some necessary changes.

Lets face it, we seem to be ruining our world at a terrific rate, I am sure you have heard already that by 2050, scientists believe there will be more plastic bottles in the sea than fish. Also there have been shocking stories about recently beached whales that have been found to have crazy amounts of plastics in their stomachs, it is not good and it needs to be stopped.

But plastic products polluting our seas are not the only problem we face, many plastics, especially food containers and bottle; contain an industrial chemical called BPA. This damaging chemical, found in both disposable and some reusable plastics, can play havoc with the natural systems in our bodies by mimicking our natural hormones, amongst other things. Even BPA free plastic, which has been developed over recent years may not have all the answers although is probably better.

The best solution of course, as with most things is to avoid using plastic at all. Especially the disposable varieties like bottles, food containers, bags, straws, cutlery etc. There are petitions galore currently asking shops and manufacturers to ban the use of such products but the only way for it to really stop is if we, the consumer, stop buying and using them.

Vishen Lakhiani of Mind Valley Academy now takes his own mug and lid to the coffee shop, he carries a set of stainless steel cutlery with him and uses a reusable water bottle, none of it is hard but if we all made these simple changes daily, the world would start to be less weighed down with plastic.

I have been avoiding plastic for years, I always took my own shopping bags, way before it became fashionable, I buy organic fruit and veg where possible, it is delivered using re-useable packaging and natural ‘keep it cool’ systems, I take my own cutlery if I know I am going to need it when I am out and I used to always drink out of a glass bottle until one day I dropped it in the gym changing room, whoops!

So what are you doing to help our beautiful planet and all who live on it, not just us humans? Maybe it’s time to follow the new trend of being clean and green in everyway possible. It is a great habit to get into.