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More one-use plastic waste

After watching the first episode of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s ‘Britain’s Fat Fight’ last night, (I feel your pain Hugh) I was going to blog about sugar and obesity, however I have decided to change direction this morning as I will explain.

Two of my biggest dislikes are the food industry and the packaging industry and to be honest they are often quite closely linked. (Oh and did I mention the pharmaceutical industry?!)

So the reason for my change of heart is because I was sat in Waitrose café this morning while I was waiting to pick my son up from an outward bound centre. I had treated myself to a coconut milk hot chocolate, I don’t drink caffeine, or dairy and didn’t fancy a herbal tea today, so this was my next choice. (It is my guilty pleasure, but as cocoa contains Magnesium I can justify it, on occasion!) So firstly I was a bit upset to be charged 50p extra for the alternative milk, it is hardly encouraging people to try reducing dairy, which is something I would truly advocate for many reasons (I will go into this another time.)

Anyway that wasn’t the biggest problem, the lady next to me ordered a hot water, which she was also charged for! And a porridge. All very reasonable and healthy I thought until I saw the woman behind the counter pick up a one portion pre packaged plastic pot of porridge and take it round the back, I assume to microwave it. That, in my mind, was completely unnecessary, another one-use piece of plastic to add to the already growing problem.

Porridge is about the easiest thing in the world to make, and whilst I continually suggest soaking it in water over night to release the phytic acid, (PA reduces nutrient absorption,) and always recommend adding cinnamon, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds for extra nutrition (makes a powerhouse of a breakfast) as well as cooking it with a non-dairy milk, like almond, coconut or soya, (dairy is a common food intolerant,) I have to say, even without any of that, cooking it from scratch would be better.

I would never suggest storing anything unnecessarily in a BPA infused plastic pot (BPA is known to cause all number of health problems, including infertility.) I would never recommend microwaving it (Microwaving food has been proven to considerably reduce nutrient content.) And I would always avoid the use of yet more packaging, especially when making a simple bowl of porridge is so easy!

Sorry, for being so disgruntled today but do you get it? We are running this planet into the ground by accepting this kind of needless waste.

Things need to change and fast if we are going to leave this planet to our children still intact.

Anyway I will come back to Hugh next time, if you’re interested? Along with some of the other topics I have brushed upon.

In the meantime stay happy and healthy and don’t forget I offer a FREE 15 Minute Consultation to help you get your master any health issues

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