Medicine or Poison? What would you choose?

Yesterday I was out and about picking up some food and props for my Instagram images. I got caught behind a largish man who I guessed was probably not that much older than me (I’m 50.)

He was shuffling along very slowly, panting heavily as he went and when he got to the checkout I could sense a real feeling of relief as he stopped to catch his breath. At the counter was a small but older lady with very arthritic fingers, she could barely hold the coins. They had a brief conversation about their deteriorating health and then about food, the arthritic lady talked about her love of cheese (If you don’t know dairy products can exacerbate arthritis.)

I wanted to say something but I knew I couldn’t although in my head I could hear the voice of Ann Wigmore* who wrote the quote ‘Food can be the best form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.’ And I couldn’t help thinking that these two people, and many, many others are quietly doing the latter on a daily basis, sometimes aware, sometimes not.

I understand it is a life choice but it does seem a shame not to be hopping and skipping into old age, as we should do. It seems to be expected these days that our health gradually deteriorates until everything becomes difficult or we are kept alive by a cocktail of pills. I’m 100% convinced it should not be like that. Do you agree? Is your food medicine or poison? Or maybe a bitof both?

Stay tuned to Your Healthy Self and hopefully I can share with you some of my healthy approaches to food, life and illness whilst encouraging you to eat a lot more medicine and a lot less poison.

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See you next time; in the meantime stay healthy and happy.



* Ann Wigmore was a holistic health” practitioner and raw food advocate