Meals in a Jiffy!

Hi there, I hope you are all well and sticking to those new years resolutions like glue? The Google search stats certainly make it clear that health is right up there with holidays and making money at this time of year!

I know for sure that better health is the big topic on everyone’s lips and most people would like to be starting the new year a bit healthier than they finished last year but I think we are complicating things much more than we should and maybe it’s time to just get back to basics.

I popped into Waitrose the other day to pick up some essential supplies, fresh fish, fruit and veg etc. I also picked up a copy of their weekly newsletter.

As you can imagine it was full of articles about health and wellbeing. The first one to attract my attention was ‘Shoppers Searching for Healthy Options.’ It was a short article but it really upset me.

It was suggesting that shoppers find it difficult to know which foods to choose for a healthy diet, and then went on to say that Waitrose are introducing a new ‘Good Health’ labeling system on their own brands, which I know sounds very positive as it will have messages like ‘1 of your 5 a Day,’ ‘Low in Fat.’ ‘High in Vitamin D’ and ‘Good Source of Magnesium.’ So why was I upset?

Because it is all about processed, convenience food still and not about fresh wholefoods as it should be! Yesterday I made myself a beautiful homemade soup which probably took all of 10 minutes to prepare. It was enough for 3 days and was full of goodness, fresh garlic, onion, sweet potatoes, chilli and tomatoes, it was delicious and each serving contained at least ‘2 of my 10 a Day’ (5 a Day, was so last year!)

I also cooked a simple dinner of baked sweet potato, trout fillet with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice, baked tomato and fresh avocado. It took 5 minutes to prepare, about 40 minutes to cook in the oven and was absolutely delicious. It would take almost the same amount of time to open the packet, discard the wrapper, heat the oven and cook a ready meal and I had 3 portions of my 10 a day on that one plate.

I appreciate we can’t always cook from scratch and busy lives dictate that sometimes having a ready meal can be the difference between eating and not eating but I genuinely think if a few simple meals are planned ahead during the week a home cooked meal can be enjoyed more often than not.

I am compiling a list of ten easy, wholesome meals you can literally make in minutes, let me know if you’re interested and I will make sure I send you a copy when it’s done.

Stay Healthy