It’s Not All Our Fault!

It’s Not All Our Fault!

I was chatting to someone this week about the problems facing overweight people and I was sticking up for anyone who is overweight because it is really not their fault.

I am not suggesting that if you have a weight problem you have the right to blame anyone else but yourself really. Lets face it; it is ultimately your responsibility to look after the body you have been kindly given to live in. But what I will say is, the food industry is not helping any of us one iota and should be shouldering some of the blame. We are only human after all.

As a collective they are constantly on the look out for cheaper and easier ways to produce and manufacture the food they sell to us, which is, of course, for the sole purpose of increasing their own very ‘healthy’ profit margins and not improving our health.

They avidly study psychology and changing attitudes for the sole purpose of creating their progressively clever marketing tactics, to make us buy their unhealthy products, and then get us hooked.

And they pay supermarkets premium rates to place their products in just the right place to get our attention, or as I have recently found out, at our child’s eye level so they pester us to buy stuff!

On top of that, they make the packaging and labeling very unclear so consumers genuinely think that the product is healthy, when it is not!

Take a box of breakfast cereal like Cheerios for instance. The package looks bright and inviting, the wording suggests they are relatively healthy because they are fortified with vitamins and minerals and they contain wholegrain.

However it may interest you to know, the reason they are fortified with (artificial) vitamins and minerals is because most of the nutrients have been stripped out in the manufacturing process.

The second, and therefore next chief ingredient, after the flours they use to make the Os, is sugar. Do we, or our kids really need sugar for breakfast?

On top of that, a 30g serving, which is suggested on the back of the pack and relates to the recommended daily amounts (RDA), of sugar, fibre etc, is miniscule and in tests on children, was proved to be less than half the bowl size most would eat regularly for breakfast. Therefore twice the sugar!

It is criminal what is going on and we are letting them get away with it. I believe there is a different way. I believe there are healthier options. I believe we can break those bad habits and replace them with good ones over time.

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Next week I am going to shock you with some stats, but that’s enough info for today!

We can’t let them win this battle!



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