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How to live to 100

Would you like to live to 100+ if you had your health? I know I would!

I came across a great news story the other day about 27 cities in America who are trying to change the habits of the masses to make a marked difference on the longevity of their residents, and I don’t just mean living longer, I mean thriving into their old age and beyond, something I have always believed is completely possible.

It is so refreshing to hear a story like this, whole communities of people collectively changing habits for the greater good is heart warming. And the town’s mayors are supporting changes by redesigning roads, walkways and cycle routes.

What is even better is that the changes the residents are making are so simple, but they are helping immeasurably.

Naples, Florida, one of the cities involved in the programme, has already saved $23 million in the last few years on healthcare as the need for it has reduced. It’s a no brainer and surely more than pays for the newly implemented systems.

By researching and adopting habits from countries around the world that boast longevity, Dan Buettner, founder of Blue zones, has been trying to encourage people in other cities to adopt the same lifestyles, more exercise, healthier foods, finding a purpose, spirituality or religion and even a glass of red wine a day! (The jury is still out for me on that one!)

Some schools are opening earlier so children can exercise before classes, offices are offering rewards to staff that are active in their breaks, discovery classes have been introduced, supermarkets are promoting healthier foods and restaurants are increasing their healthy eating options.

If the whole community gets behind these ‘Blue Zones’ it’s amazing the results that can be achieved. And whilst there’s no ‘official’ evidence to say it’s working, the mayor says the average age of death is increasing instead of decreasing, as it is in the rest of the USA.

I know this is an American news story but it proves that small changes can make a huge difference and that if we work together we can move mountains.

So lets work together, please email me to book a free 15 minute chat about any health problem you are encountering and lets see if we can work together to help you on your journey to a healthier you.