Free 5 Day Pre-Xmas Health Accelerator-Starts 13th Dec

Hey there

I hope you are well and enjoying the run up to Christmas, it is such a magical time of year but I have been wondering whether some of you have already started to feel just a little bit stressed about the amount of food and drink you know you will be consuming over the festive period with those office parties, family get together’s and too many boxes of chocolates and biscuits as presents.

With this in mind I have decided to offer up a free pre Christmas Health Programme starting Wednesday 13th December, it’s just 5 days and will get you thinking about your liver, guts, skin, heart and mental health before Christmas so you can get your body totally ready for the onslaught and give yourself a head start for the New Year when all those healthy resolutions kick in.

It’s a bit like preparing for battle, and lets face it, it is always better to start before the battle begins rather than after isn’t it? That way you have more chance of winning.

So are you up for a mini challenge? Ready to start Christmas on the right track for a change? Keen to start some healthy habits before the craziness starts? If you say yes to any of these just click here and get signed up, there’s no catches just a few tips to get you on track before Christmas descends.

Good luck, have a great Christmas and please don’t forget to share your stories in the Facebook Group here too.