Can I help you?

I was talking to someone the other day who suggested that as I had never had a weight problem or a serious health issue could I truly help those who wanted to get more healthy or lose weight?

Gabrielle Bernstein, world famous spiritual teacher, suggests you need to have a story, own it and then share it. Her story was recovering from alcohol addiction and finding a spiritual path, all of which she shares with others. If I look at her journey then no I guess I don’t have such a strong story however, I do still have a story of my own.

Yes I have always been slim and no I have never had any serious health issues but the reason I have never had any of these issues, is, I believe, because I have adapted my diet and lifestyle as I have grown older, I have learnt about and embraced good nutrition, I have discovered and used alternative therapies, I have spent time figuring out how to avoid the pitfalls of life by having a truly holistic approach and because of that I am the person I am today. 50 years old (very soon to be 51) with a healthy mind, body and spirit, even though the last year of my life has been the rockiest ride I have ever had the pleasure of taking! (That’s another story altogether!)

I have still had to give things up along the way that no longer served me, I have had to curb my sweet tooth so I can stay as I am, I have had to nurture myself and self treat in order to stay sane during moments of despair, so although I have not had any serious health issues or weight problems, I believe I still have a load of empathy, bucket loads of experience and the right qualifications to serve anyone who needs my help.

Do you agree?

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