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8 ways to boost your immunity against the Coronavirus

The other day on my daily commute, the train journey reminds me of a doctors waiting room, many people are sniffing, sneezing and coughing their way to London, it is the same everyday. And as the Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire I wonder who might have it and more importantly who might get it!

Having recently returned from the beautiful, but freezing town of Levi in Lapland. Finland where I’m pretty sure the coronavirus has not yet reached. I had to recover from a virus of my very own brought on mostly by stress and anxiety, not least the anxiety of travelling on my own with two teenage boys!

My virus arrived in the form of a swollen throat gland, which was a complete shock to me, I genuinely can’t remember the last time I was ill! It started small but soon turned into quite a big and uncomfortable swelling. I couldn’t really afford to get ill, we had so many cool activities booked for our trip of a lifetime and I was the only adult, I simply refused to miss out and let everyone down, including me! There was no question, so I trusted my body to heal itself with a bit of natural medication.

Instead of going to the doctors I went straight to the supermarket and picked up my supplies. As with most viruses, there are very little in the way of cures and the Coronavirus certainly hasn’t got one yet, although scientists and pharmacists are working round the clock to find one. In the meantime though we can do much to boost our immune system or to help us get over an illness.

I dislike medicine intensely, I always have and when I heard Louise Hay say ‘If you take medicine you are literally telling your body to shut up’ I knew why I had always fought against it. That and the fact that the side effects of medicine can often be worse than the illness. Too many pain killers can cause serious damage to liver and kidneys, some anti depressants can increase suicidal feelings and statins don’t just lower bad cholesterol, they lower all of it!

So here is what I did and what you can do too if you want to prevent getting any virus, including the coronavirus, or if you have something already that you want to speed along.

Increase your Vitamin C intake – include kiwis, citrus fruit, peppers and other Vitamin C rich foods into your diet daily, preferably uncooked. And/or take a high quality supplement, try this one from Higher Nature. Vitamin C is also anti aging and anti histamine, amongst other things.

Look after your gut health – Hippocrates, the father of medicine, stated that all disease begins in the gut. Good gut health will provide the best immunity you could ask for. To help increase its ability to keep you healthy, include Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Keffir, Kombucha and any other fermented foods into your diet regularly, Also increase fibre, fruit and vegetables but reduce sugar and refined carbs as these feed the bad guys.

Take a course of oregano oilOregano oil is anti parasitic, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, anti inflammatory and is a powerful antioxidant, that is a lot of antis! A 30 day course could really help get your gut microbiome back on track and get rid of anything that could be compromising your immune system. Small capsules can be taken daily with a meal, check out this brand.

Get plenty of sleep – Sleep, as I tell my children, is the best medicine around, so if you are staying up late and waking early or having restless sleep you need to find a way to improve this area of your life, otherwise your immune system could be compromised. Try a warm bath with Epsom salts, a good quality hot chocolate, soothing lavender oils or cream, sleep meditation or natural sleep cures like Valerian. Try anything and everything but don’t stress over it.

Increase Vtamin A & D – One of the best ways to increase these two super important nurtrients is to take a good quality cod liver oil tablet, however you can also just make sure you get a bit of sun on your skin a few times a week to increase your natural Vitamin D production, plus include organic liver, grass fed butter, orange vegetables, eggs, mushrooms and oily fish to increase both nutrients in your diet.

Take garlic every day – Garlic is a natural antibiotic, it was used extensively before antibiotic medicine was introduced in the 1940s. It is not only amazing, it will never be bacteria resistant, so if you are worried about getting ill or are ill and want to get better, try this method. Each night before bed, or at any time in the day, chop up one peeled garlic clove into small pieces, pop it onto a spoon and swallow it down whole with a glass of water. This way there is minimum odour and yet all the benefit. Take it every night until the danger is over or you start to feel better. It is brilliant.

Ginger, lemon & honey drinks – As well as keeping you hydrated, lemons are full of vitamin C, ginger is calmative and healing and honey is anti bacterial. Have a few of these drinks during the day instead of your usual cuppa.

Turmeric – Last but not least this super spice is anti inflammatory so is perfect to take when you have any inflammatory disorder, that is any time you are ill! Be sure to get really good quality powdered turmeric or fresh and take with a little pepper and oil for the best benefits. You can buy capsules but always take them with a meal that contains fat and a sprinkle of pepper, this is most important,

That is probably enough to get you started, there is more! T

Stay healthy, this too will pass.