What’s the alternative?

What’s the alternative?

I love all the ‘alternative therapies’ we have available to us these days. We can have our backs tweaked and cracked by Osteopaths and Chiropractors, enjoy many different types of massage, find gentle healing through reiki and reflexology, have needles placed in our meridian lines by acupuncturists, discover amazingly effective remedies and cures from aromatherapists, homeopaths, herbalists, nutrionalists, hypnotherapists, the list is endless.

But what I really don’t get is…..  these are not really ‘alternative’ are they? Some of these practices have been around for thousands of years, others for hundreds and all of them for longer than the medicine we trust to take on our doctor’s advice every day!

I personally believe that our current medical system is ‘alternative,’ the other stuff has been practised and proven over many generations.

Western medicine as we know it is falling apart, antibiotics are losing their healing powers. There is more chronic disease in the world than ever before. Back, neck and muscle pain count for more days off sick than any other ailment in the UK.

Just maybe we should be looking more closely at some of these ancient and highly effective treatments before heading to the docs or reaching for the painkillers.

It’s amazing what you can cure with a dose or two of raw garlic, how many ailments tea tree oil can remedy, what honey can do for infections and arnica for bruises. How a needle in just the right place can help you sleep better, how pilates or yoga can strengthen your core muscles, including your back and neck, how reflexology can help with fertility, how a eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint oil vapour can help with asthmatic wheezing. It’s time to look deeper into these so called ‘alternatives,’ after all who really knows what all those drugs are doing to us, you certainly can’t trust the pharmaceutical companies to tell the truth can you?

Even the ‘alternative’ NHS is slowly starting to recognise some of these not so alternative treatments….. and not before time!