A little Forward Planning goes a long way

A little Forward Planning goes a long way

Weekly meal planning is a wonderful thing and if you are organised and have the time, unlike me, then it is a great thing to do. You know exactly what you need to buy so shopping is much easier and it should, in theory, save you money as it stops you making impulse purchases which often end up just getting wasted. I HATE WASTE!

Occasionally I set out with good intentions but if I’m honest, it is rare! Normally I look in the fridge in the morning to see what we’ve got and what needs using up and go from there. And whilst there are so many people starving in the world I hate myself for begrudging the daily ‘what are we going to have for dinner tonight?’ question, but sometimes it feels like a real chore.

Anyway that aside, the one thing I strongly recommend when contemplating the week ahead is thinking about your snacking. That may seem a bit weird but most people’s biggest downfall is unhealthy snacking and when we are shopping we usually concentrate on dinners and not much else, or at least that is my main focus.

So make sure you buy some healthy stuff to snack on or better still buy the ingredients to make some healthy snacks, like No Cook Flapjacks, or Easy Peasy Hummus from my Healthy Snacks Recipes. I am as guilty as anyone for reaching for the biscuit tin in a moment of weakness but if I have thought ahead I have stuff to hand that will hit the spot and will help me  feel much more righteous!

Eating Little and Often is a healthy way to stave off hunger and lose weight at the same time, as crazy as that sounds, it does work! Click on the link to read my blog.

Some Healthy Snack Ideas.

A handful of nuts, seeds and raisins (don’t eat nuts and seeds too often they can be fattening but are better than other unhealthy snacks!)
No Cook Flapjacks
Little Energy Bites
Nut butter on gluten free toast with a banana on top (Almond, cashew and peanut butters are great) add a sprinkle of cinnamon
Crunchy Cereal Bars
Gluten Free Breakfast Bar
A mashed up banana with a handful of nuts/seeds and a sprinkle of cinnamon
Tortilla Pizza
Banana Pancake one egg, one mashed banana and a little oil for cooking
Easy Peasy Hummus on oatcakes or with vegetable sticks.
Peanut butter on celery
Cream cheese on celery
Mackerel pate
Lean turkey wrapped up inside a lettuce leaf.
Quinoa Pizza Bites
Boiled eggs, actually any eggs make a good snack.
Soup, any homemade one will do!
Quick homemade Quesadillas
Use up your veg Frittata or Spanish Tortilla (Omelette) leftovers, great to grab a slice of when peckish