Happy Kids Cards

Having Trouble with Bedtime Tantrums?


If you’re having trouble with Bedtime Tantrums or any other issues with your kids (and lets face it, we all have our moments!) these magical cards may be just what you need. My friend Beverley is founder of Happy Kids Cards and this is what she says….

The Happy Kids Cards are 52 positive affirmation cards to bring more happiness, confidence & calm to children’s lives and you.

The Happy Kids Cards are fun to use at home and school to start & end your day the happy way. They are being used to create a more positive mindset, to reduce anxiety & stress, teaching relaxation and breathing, increasing self esteem and confidence, improve behaviour, concentration & happiness & to enable children of all ages to be able to express how they feel and talk about their feelings. Autistic, special needs children, school counsellors, primary schools, psychologists pre-schools & nurseries & families worldwide are loving the cards. They are helping during the good, challenging & sad times of life.

They come in a lovely cotton bag, 52 positive affirmation cards with the 4 little characters called David, Amy, Maya & Sammy on each card, 2 extra cards about each little character, the magic comes from using the how to use the happy kids cards card.

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