The Fabulous Buddha Bowl

The Fabulous Buddha Bowl

Hi there, it seems to have been a while since my last post and whilst I know you have not been waiting with baited breath I do like to try to be fairly consistent with them when I can, I am never short of a topic, only short of time usually.

So the reason for my tardiness this time (although anyone who knows me will know this is a trait of mine!) is that I have been busy writing eBooks (well 2 so far but more to follow.) I will be making them available to all my subscribers as soon as they are designed and ready to go. watch this space.

So onto today’s post. I have been quite excited about this one for a while now so am glad, on this sunny day, to have finally got round to putting it together, for lunch and for the post!

The Fabulous Buddha Bowl

If you have ever travelled to Asia, which I have been lucky enough to do a few times, you may have seen the Buddhists monks in their bright orange gowns, carrying their alms bowls and going round the town to gather food for the day.

The residents prepare an array of nutritious food, which the monks come to collect in their bowls very early each morning for the day ahead. It is a beautiful, peaceful and truly heartfelt tradition and one I absolutely loved to watch.

And it has given way to an amazingly healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snack trend which is so versatile and so easy you should be trading in your boring sandwiches for a different buddha bowl every day.

The great thing about them is that there are no rules, you can literally add anything you want, but there are a few guidelines to keep it well balanced and nourishing.

Buddha Bowl Guidelines

Choose a Grain

Firstly you need a grain, preferably gluten free, Quinoa or Brown Rice work well. Oats (always soaked overnight) are perfect for breakfast bowls.

Add some Fruit

Fruit, this adds a delightful sweetness to the dish, any fruit goes, whatever is lingering in your fruit bowl at the time will work.

Include some Greens

Greens, I used pea shoots in this one but rocket, watercress, salad leaves, wilted spinach or crispy kale will all work equally well.

And Raw Veg too

Any other raw veg or salad item, chopped or grated such as radish, pepper, avocado, carrot, cucumber, tomato.

Or Cooked if you prefer

Cooked veg, like roasted peppers, courgettes or sweet potato cubes with a little added spice.

Finish it off with some Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds, this adds a lovely crunch to your bowl and an added nutritious bonus.

And a Dressing if you choose

Lastly add a dressing if you want. Mine was tasty enough without but if you prefer you could make up a simple balsamic vinegar and oil or a creamy yoghurt and garlic to put on the top. Hummus or tzatziki also work well.

And voila you have a Buddha Bowl.
Eat and enjoy.