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The Reasons Why It’s not Rocket Science!

When it comes to being healthy and making the right lifestyle choices, I find myself often saying, ‘It’s not Rocket Science!’

It certainly isn’t Rocket Science that if you eat doughnuts every day you will inevitably get fat. It is equally not Rocket Science that if you don’t eat any vegetables you will eventually become ill and it is undeniably not Rocket Science that if you smoke and drink too much your body will unquestionably suffer. But the more I think about it, it is much, much more than Rocket Science!

Getting a rocket to the moon is child’s play compared to what our bodies do every single millisecond of every single day we are alive, so shouldn’t we be treating it with the respect it deserves.

There is not a scientist alive who can understand or even attempt to replicate the workings of the human body, it is so complex and so breathtakingly amazing that they have barely touched the surface, it is impossible to even come close, and believe me when I tell you that they have, and are, constantly trying.

So for 2017 I want you to really think about what you can offer your body in return for what it gives you.

Cutting down on sugar will give your pancreas a well-needed break. Reducing toxins in your diet/lifestyle will give your liver a relaxing holiday. Taking some exercise and snacking on nuts will feel like Christmas for your heart. Drinking more water and less tea and coffee will help your kidneys and joints become your friends again, Eating healthy grains will give your bowels something to really talk about. And of course eating fruit and veg will bring a smile back to your beautiful, unblemished face, amongst many other things.

Surely it’s worth a shot after all what have you got to lose.

2017, is a year for change and new beginnings; lets start it the right way.

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Thanks and Stay Healthy