One good reason to ditch the Ibuprofen

This has not yet been confirmed by the pharmaceutical industry, although I wouldn’t necessarily trust them. However there are many legitimate reports by medical experts around the world to raise the concern that ibuprofen could be exacerbating the deadly symptoms of Coronavirus.

The main reason for this is because it interrupts the inflammation process, which is a natural bodily healing function when disease is present. By blocking this process your body could struggle to heal itself in the normal way and in turn make the situation much worse.

Many people choose between ibuprofen or paracetamol when they are suffering with flu like symptoms so it is entirely possible, without even knowing it, that a good proportion of people have been self medicating this way and caused themselves many more problems.

Ibuprofen is never recommended for respiratory problems, I have come across this before with my son, who used to suffer with allergies, sadly we are not being informed of this even though the evidence against it is very strong.

So please, if you have a high temperature or any inflammation understand that your body is trying to heal itself and if you can allow it to do so without medication it is the best way forward. Eat well and try to use only natural products as suggested in my previous blog. On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable with that, which I totally understand, stick with paracetamol at the recommended dose, this has not been shown to have any detrimental effects other than the usual bad press about pain relief drugs!

Take care and stay safe