Love the Veg you Hate

Love the Veg you Hate

I love any kind of veg, all the usual ones like carrots and broccoli etc plus all the other ones people love to hate, brussel sprouts, aubergines, beetroot, broad beans etc.

My husband has never had quite the same love for veg that I have, he doesn’t like courgettes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, mushrooms, he’s not mad on broccoli and cabbage (although he does eat them) and of course dislikes all those ‘love to hate’ veg above. So over the years I have had to become extra inventive with our meals so I get to eat the veg I love without having to cook twice!

If you think you don’t like courgettes (as he doesn’t) then try my Courgette Lasagna recipe, it is truly yummy and you won’t even notice there’s no meat in it! Delicious Beetroot & Chilli Burgers, if you add a bit of extra chilli sauce to the mix, beetroot haters will never know what they’re eating, apart from the lovely purple hue of course!

Fabulous spiced Sweet Potato Falafels, great hot or cold. Beautiful ‘home grown’ Broad Bean bruschettas, cooked with olive oil, bacon, a squeeze of lemon juice and a twist of black pepper. Brussel sprouts chopped and thrown into stir fries with plenty of chilli, ginger and soy. No ‘meat’ balls with aubergine  from the fantastic Abel and Cole cookbook.

I made the Cauliflower Pizzazz the other day thinking it would be left on his plate, it was my last ditch attempt at cauliflower. After dinner I discovered that he had actually pinched some off my plate while I wasn’t looking! Result!
So re-think your veg, if you think you don’t like a particular veg, you haven’t exhausted all its possibilities and just think how healthy you will be including all those things into your diet.

Go on live dangerously, do something that scares you every day!!