healthy drinks

Juicing is so……last year!

If 50’s is the new 40’s and grey is the new black then extracting is definitely the new juicing!

The beauty of extracting is that you get a load more for your money and your health. With juicing you use a stack of fruit and veg for a tiny glass of juice and then have to throw away all the pulp with half of the goodness. An extractor lets you have it all, what could be better than that?

Basically an extractor is a super powerful liquidiser that pulps anything you put in it to release all its nutrients, like hard fruit and veg, tough stalks, nuts and seeds. It is worth it’s weight in gold as far as your health is concerned and if your health isn’t worth the investment then what is? Is there anything more important? I don’t think so.

There are loads of different makes on the market, I have a VItamix which cost the earth but I use it every day so was well worth it, (there wasn’t such a choice when I bought mine!) I can also make hot soup in it without actually cooking all of the goodness out of it. There’s the Bio Chef which is a bit cheaper but equally good and then there’s the Nutribullet which won’t do a soup but will whiz you up a nutritious drink in seconds and is only £99.

I whiz up a green smoothie for my breakfast, a fruit smoothie for my eldest son and a banana and rice milk shake for my youngest. It is a great way to start the day and an easy way to get a good portion of your 5 a day recommended by the government or is it 10 now?

It’s time to invest in your health, this really could be the answer to 50 being the new 40!!