The Hidden Silent Killer

Don’t Keep Feeding the FEAR

If you know me, you will know I talk a lot about food and what we need to eat or not eat in order to be healthy. But what about all the other things we take into our bodies on a daily basis, such as toxic cleaning products, skin care items and other general pollutants?

But more importantly, at this very moment in time, the intense amount of negative and scary news that we are ingesting every day through the constant need for updates on the Coronavirus. It is all we can talk about, it is all the news is about and, virus aside, it is creating a mass off health problems in its own right.

News vs junk food

I have said to many people over the last couple of weeks that listening to the news regularly is no better than eating junk food. This may sound a bit strange but if you think about the negative effects the news is having on you as you listen to it, you might understand its harmful effects.

By bombarding our senses with such negativity we are literally creating chaos within our cells. Anxiety increases blood pressure and cortisol levels, slows down digestion and inhibits immunity, which is exactly what we are looking to avoid at this present moment. Basically it puts us into the flight or fight mode, which is fine for short periods of time but not for weeks or months on end.

Too much info

Think of it this way, if you got a message every time someone in the world died or was seriously injured in a car crash you would never drive again but we are having this kind of news thrust down our throats every minute of every day. I understand this is very serious, people are dying and it is happening a lot but lots of people die every year in the UK, I understand over 6000 people committed suicide last year, I heard on one report that around 8,000 people died of regular flu and around 1700 in car crashes. That is a lot of deaths and there are more of course from disease and other accidents. Living is dangerous but we don’t need to think about that all the time.

Just stop!

So I suggest you go easy on the news, get the gist of it from short bulletins on your phone or a morning digest but don’t watch it continuously. I can guarantee if you reduce your news intake your anxiety will reduce to. We are all in a state of flux, this is new for everyone, but there are lots of positives too. There is time now for many to do some of those things we don’t usually get time to do, like spending time with out kids, gardening, rediscovering hobbies like sewing or knitting, doing a jigsaw or a crossword, writing a book or creating a musical masterpiece. The world is your oyster, just in a slightly different way these days.

None of us will be the same after this, I hope that we will all be new and improved versions of ourselves after some time out.

Take care and stay safe.