All Steamed Up!

All Steamed Up!

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and have all the usual gadgets to make my life easier but one of the most important and simplest has to be my steaming pans. Absolutely every kitchen should have one and definitely anyone who thinks they’re healthy should be using theirs regularly, there’s no excuse.

Steaming vegetables is the healthiest way to cook them, as it results in the fewest nutrients being lost in the cooking process. In particular the all important Folic Acid and Vitamin C which are both water soluble.

Not only is it healthier but you also get to retain much more flavour and get to keep the colour too, so your purple sprouting broccoli stays purple and your savoy cabbage stays a vibrant green, delicious and full of nutrients.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was brought up on vegetables boiled to within an inch of their lives! You just don’t get that with steamed veg, yes you can cook them until they’re pretty soft but you never actually cook the life out of them! Sorry mum!!

One last bonus to steaming is you can cook your rice, potatoes or pasta in the bottom pan with the water and load your steaming layers on top, cooking the lot on one hob. I’m all for saving money and saving the planet. Why not stick a nice piece of fish in one of the steamers and you can have your whole meal done in one go, what could be easier……and healthier?!