A Mediterranean Health Boost

A Mediterranean Health Boost

Having just spent an excellent week in the Med I have come back feeling even healthier than ever. I fully embraced the colourful Mediterranean diet, eating masses of delicious fruit and veg, fish, chicken, wholesome breads, plenty of olive oil, garlic and lemon juice plus an occasional glass of red wine! Perfecto!

You certainly don’t need to be a Master Chef to make the most amazing meals for you and your family it’s all about buying the right, fresh ingredients. And if you truly want to be healthy and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, alzheimers. parkinsons disease and high blood pressure plus keep your weight in check, get yourself a shopping trolley full of delicious Mediterranean food.

Ditch your white bread and pasta, sweets, stodgy puddings and red meat and load your plate with the best nutrients you can get your hands on. Be inventive with your salads, anything goes (see below) dress it simply with olive oil, garlic and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, make a load and instead of buttering your wholegrain bread dunk it in the oil mix too, it’s truly delicious.

Stick with fish and chicken as often as you can cooked simply with the same salad dressing and a few added herbs, no need to use salt there will plenty of flavour. Find some good quality olives and your favourite nuts to snack on.

Fall in love with the fresh taste of the Med in your own kitchen It is the prefect time to start, with summer just round the corner there’s so much to choose from. Go on give yourself a healthy Mediterranean boost this week.

Suggested salad ingredients…
Lettuce, any variety but please not an anaemic iceberg!
Baby spinach, watercress, lambs lettuce, rocket, beetroot leaves
Cucumber or finely sliced (with a peeler) courgette
Sweetcorn kernels, peas, boiled potatoes (new ones are best)
Cooked cubes of sweet potato or butternut squash (skin on).
Tomatoes, any variety, a mix is good
Grated carrot, shredded red or green cabbage, sliced radish
Red onion or spring onion, any colour pepper.
Lightly steamed green beans or tender stem broccoli
Watermelon, mango, apple, kiwi fruit, orange, blueberries
Lemon or lime zest/juice
Olives and/or lightly toasted nuts or seeds. Croutons.
Couscous, quinoa, lentils, beans (butter, kidney, cannellini)
Herbs, mint, basil, parsley. Chilli
Any fish or meat cooked and shredded, prawns, anchovies.
The list is endless, just experiment, you really can’t go wrong!