A Good Meat Trade……

‘Everything in moderation’ was my Grandma’s favourite motto and it still makes perfect sense today especially when it comes to our diet.

Eating anything to excess is not good even if it is supposedly healthy, I saw a woman on ‘Secret Eaters’ once scoffing bags of sunflower seeds. She believed they were healthy, which of course they are, but only in small doses, there is a lot of oil in a sunflower seed!

We all know that eating too much red meat is bad for our health and probably most of us have cut down but what about meat in general, do we really need it every day? Eating too much meat has been linked to bowel cancer amongst other things, it can take many days to fully digest a large piece of meat, which can’t be a good thing.

Meat, of course, does contain a lot of important nutrients and is a complete protein so is still great as part of a balanced diet if you don’t want to go fully vegetarian, but we can obtain a lot of this from plant based food too.

Unbelievably it takes as much energy to digest a piece of meat as we get from it so try a few energy giving veggie meals for that extra boost. There’s a good choice in the recipe section here to get you started, they are all extremely tasty and easy to make. I promise they won’t leave you missing your meat!

I live with a true meat eater so have had to work hard on this balance to make sure he does not feel deprived!

I try to work on a 2 meat, 2 fish and 2 veggie week, with one day as a free for all. We eat lean, free range meat, rarely pork and not too much red, we also keep our meat and fish portions small, it is not set in stone but it works well when I do manage it!

Give it a whirl, trade in some of your meat meals, I know you will feel better for it.