8 Foods to Support the Immune System

I know the government has been pretty busy over the last few weeks but I still believe that they, and our health professionals, should be giving us much more health advice than they are currently offering, starting with basic good nutrition and supplementation.

Maybe the government ‘5 a day’ scheme, introduced in March 2003, should be given a revival or even a rethink. It was undoubtedly the most successful government health initiatives in terms of people remembering it. It may not have been the most successful in terms of getting people to actually do it (average is 3 ½ pieces a day) but reintroducing it now could be the perfect time, and just maybe people will listen and act this time in light of the current health challenges we are facing.

It has been proved over and over again that eating a predominantly plant based diet is the best defense against heart disease and cancer. It also goes without saying that it is super important for the immune system, which is T’HE best defense against any disease, especially viruses.

I know it is tricky because shopping has become quite restrictive of late but that should help us focus our minds more on what is really important and one thing I know is that the fruit and vegetable aisles are not the areas of the supermarket that have empty shelves, you can stock up to your hearts content here.

Here are some suggestions to help you understand why you should be eating a minimum of 5 a day regularly (although it should really be 10!)

Kiwi – These little gems contain more Vitamin C than oranges and are great halved and scooped out of their skin with a teaspoon

Garlic – This should be added to everything you can, add raw or at the end of the cooking process where possible to retain its power

Carrots – Orange veg are full of beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A in a healthy body. Vitamin A helps fight infections.

Mushrooms – These are know for their immune boosting qualities so eat them as often as possible

Papaya – If you can find some of these, your digestive system will thank you, they contain really important enzymes to aid digestion and we all know how important gut health is!

Ginger – Added to hot water, this makes a great drink, it aids digestion and is also anti-viral, amongst its many qualities.

Pineapple – Fresh pineapple, stalk included, contains Bromelain, which is an enzyme believed to help with respiratory problems, plus helps break up and expel mucus.

Green Vegetables – Such as spinach, kale and broccoli provide many nutrients but in particular zinc, which is understood to help protect against colds and viruses. Mushrooms are also a good source.

These are just for starters; all fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that can help support the immune system. Get stocked up, they will be more valuable than loo rolls and tinned tomatoes any day.

My previous blog ‘8 ways to boost your immunity against the Coronavirus’ is also worth a read if you want to avoid catching a virus or get over one swiftly.

Stay out of harm’s way.