6 Things to do Daily to Help Prevent Cancer

4th February was World Cancer Day and with our beloved celebrities dropping like flies at the moment from the dreaded disease, it couldn’t be better timing for 6 things to do daily to help prevent cancer.

I really think we should all be more aware of what we can do to prevent this killer disease. It is a lot harder to cure than it is to prevent cancer, although I believe it is possible to do both, without drugs. If we start now, we could be on the path to a happier, healthier and longer future.

Some time ago I volunteered at a hospice* and during the two years I was there. I certainly saw my fair share of cancer patients, amongst other things. It inspired me to look for some answers, I knew that nutrition must play an important role in this killer disease so I started on my quest and after plenty of research I enrolled on a Naturopathic Nutrition course.

That under my belt, I feel I am now armed with loads of information that I can use myself and share with others to help with the prevention and cure of this dreadful disease.

It goes without saying that things like giving up smoking, reducing alcohol and stress, eating a whole food diet and exercising regularly will help reduce your risk of getting cancer but there are other things that can be included into your daily routine too.

Add Cinnamon to your Breakfast Cereal, Toast or Morning Drink

It will not only help balance your blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, water retention, female hormonal issues, it is also known for its incredible anti cancer properties. I love a teaspoonful on my morning porridge.

Eat Raw Garlic Every Night

Garlic is anti just about everything, parasite, bacterial etc, it is also anti cancer so take a clove of garlic every night before bed and you will not only keep the vampires away, you will boost your immunity and keep your intestines in good working order too! Cut one clove into small chunks, pop onto a spoon and swallow down with a glass of water, the odour is minimal but the effects are definitely not!

Include Ginger, Turmeric and Chilli to Anything You Can

All 3 spices are believed to have very strong anti cancer properties amongst other things so it’s worth including as much as you can, as often as you can into your diet, stews, smoothies, soups and teas are perfect, I do a great morning smoothie with beetroot, carrot and orange then all 3 spices together, it certainly kicks starts my morning!

Eat More Cruciferous and Leafy Green Veg

Any vegetables are good for us but certain ones like kale, savoy cabbage, broccoli and in particular Brussels sprouts have the most powerful anti cancer effect so should be included into our diets regularly. Add to soups and stews if you are not keen on them as a side vegetable. Who says Brussels are just for Christmas?

Drink Green Tea Every Day

I don’t drink caffeine so have hunted out some green tea without caffeine, however it is believed that the benefits of green tea far outweigh any detriment you may get from the caffeine. The active ingredient in green tea provides an antioxidant of such power it has been involved in much research to show its ability to cause cancer cell death, apoptosis. I am not keen on the aftertaste so add fresh mint to the pot and find it much easier to drink. . When something is this good for you, you need to find a way to like it!

Eat More Fibre

Swap refined carbohydrates like white pasta, bread and rice and trade for whole meal and brown. Avoid processed/convenience foods and eat fresh fruit and veg daily. Reduce your meat intake by increasing pulses and other grains like Quinoa to fill you up and provide essential protein. Eat more oily fish. Graze on nuts and seeds

*My hospice experience was both heart warming and incredibly saddening at the same time, I will never forget the people I met there however I did work out that it was not the job for me when 2 patients I had grown particularly fond of died in the same week. It was absolutely heartbreaking and that’s why I decided to concentrate my efforts on trying to prevent some of the dreadful diseases I came across there.

Stay Healthy.