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An Array of National Awareness Days

February is ‘National Heart Month’ which I’m sure by no accident falls in nicely with Valentines Day. Last week was National ‘Wear Red Day,’ which specifically raises awareness of, heart disease amongst women. And on Saturday it was World Cancer Day.

So just as everyone’s healthy resolutions are flailing, and lets face it most of our resolutions are healthy ones, we are bombarded with national health awareness days, On top of that it’s February, the most depressing month of the year apparently.

So why are we still seeing increases in all these diseases? Why after all the promises are things actually no better? For me it is mostly down to diet and lifestyle choices.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of heart health and preventing cancer so it comes as no surprise that we have such a problem on our hands when we are constantly hearing news stories about the desperate state of our nation’s health, weight and eating habits.

It is time to take matters seriously, to really think about our health, our hearts and our cancer risk. Lets give our bodies some real love this month so we are here for many more National Heart Months, World Cancer Days and more importantly Valentine’s Days!

To get you started, my FREE 5 Day Healthy Eating Challenge is starting again next week, sign up here if you haven’t already done it or want to do it again.

In 5 days I take you through a few small changes that could really set you on the right path to a healthier year. Nothing complicated or expensive, just simple ideas of how to make a difference to your health.

Here’s some testimonials of previous healthy eating challengers.
I am delighted to be here, I have been blown away by the info you have shared and learnt loads about why it’s so important to eat healthily. I love today about the rainbow diet and colour. Thanks so much – Marcia Guyot
Kathy, thank you so much for your 5 Day Healthy Eating Challenge. It has really got me more conscious of what I eat and what doesn’t agree with me. It is the beginning of a new journey with food for me. Feeling grateful – Fidelma Greene
I received the link to Kathy Mcleman’s 5 Day Healthy Eating Challenge – great – I had already decided February was going to be a health focused month. Working with Kathy is great. She is encouraging, non-judgmental and very knowledgeable. You get responses to your questions and further encouragement. I used to never eat breakfast, and I learnt how important it is and with several easy to make suggestions from Kathy, I now regularly eat breakfast and feel much better. Ask Kathy about her 2 ingredient breakfast – it is delicious – Suzanne O’Doherty